Alexius Nwala

I'm a Fullstack Dev and Embedded Software Engineer.

I build outstanding systems and applications for the web, and amazing devices that keep you connected to it! I thrive in building and designing things that bring the online world and your gadgets to life.

A little about me

Hi! my name is Alexius, I'm a software developer from Nigeria.

Currently, my focus revolves around building captivating and aesthetically pleasing web applications with modern web technologies the core of which are React, Next and NodeJS. Moreover, my background also encompasses valuable expertise as an Embedded Software Engineer. As of now, I am actively engaged in the development of two exciting projects: Biamuta and OdaNow .

I firmly believe that the journey of knowledge acquisition is a lifelong pursuit, and I eagerly embrace new challenges regardless of their scale or complexity. Whether it's delving into cutting-edge frameworks, exploring emerging technologies, or expanding my proficiency in existing tools, I am always driven to expand my skillset and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

In summary, I thrive on continuous learning, embracing new challenges, and staying ahead of the curve to deliver exceptional results.

My Resume
Enyinna Nwala

Work History

Software Engineer > Mavis Computel

September 2022 - till Date

  • Design and develop massive learning platform (Biamuta.com) for children, with a myriad of diverse lessons and games, with fun characters animated with rive.
  • Transform our characters from still images into animations using Rive, giving life to fun and interactive characters that enhanced the platform's overall appeal.
  • Collaborate closely with the research team to conceptualize and execute user-friendly and interactive features, keeping young learners actively engaged.
  • Conduct user testing and gathered feedback to iterate and improve on various modes and functionalities, further enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Build efficient and highly optimized components, allowing minimal loading time for a visually appealing animated mode.

Part-time Lead Software Engineer > Datheron

April 2021 - till Date

  • Design and Engineer software solutions which include custom web apps for clients and for micro services, some of which include OdaNow, brain-trainer, Granomaly and more
  • Contribute in the development and implementation of the user interface for OdaNow, an innovative store management tool, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience
  • Actively involved in the development and maintenance of Granomaly, a cutting-edge risk management tool tailored to the requirements of a prominent client.
  • Implemented optimized database integration techniques, significantly improving data retrieval speed and overall system responsiveness.
  • Developed a caching layer that further enhanced the user experience by reducing latency and minimizing redundant data requests.

Embedded Software Engineer > Innov8 Technology Hub

April 2022 - January 2023

  • Developed and design an IOT solution for an automatic irrigation system with multi-point nodes using Embedded C, ESP32 and Blynk IOT.
  • Enabled remote monitoring and control of the irrigation system through a user-friendly web interface, providing real-time updates to users.
  • Designed an autonomous line following robot with Multiple infrared sensors using Arduino and Embedded C.
  • Developed intelligent algorithms that allowed the robot to adapt to varying terrains and environmental conditions.
  • Designed and developed software for an automated mushroom farm.
  • Developed a user-friendly interface to monitor and control critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, ensuring consistent, high-quality yields.

Embedded Software Engineer > Cyphercrescent Limited

August 2019 - January 2020

  • Acquired complete understanding of the fundamentals of computer programing with C#.
  • Gained sufficient understanding of the principles of various data structures including trees and graphs.
  • Wrote a linear algebra mathematical library using C# for solving various forms of linear equations.
  • Developed a circuit simulation application for simulating basic electronic circuits using graph datastructures and linear algebra library I developed.
  • Mavis

  • Datheron

  • Innov8

  • Cyphercrescent


  • React

  • Typescript

  • Javascript (es6+)

  • Next.Js

  • Redux

  • NodeJs

  • PostgreSql

  • MongoDb

Notable Projects



Africa's first one stop shop for basic education. Enter a world of interactive learning with Biamuta! From English and Mathematics to Science and Social studies, fun games, exercises and much more, you are in for an exciting ride on Biamuta.

React Redux Firebase Rive Styled-Components

Oda Now

Oda Now

An order management system, for tracking orders, keeping track of inventory, invoicing and customer managment.

React Asp.net Sql Redux



My personal website

Next.js Framer-motion Styled-Components Typescript



Web Tool to manage system anomalies, in oil and gas industries

React.js MaterialUI Asp.net Chart.js Redux MsSQL Aws Elastic Beanstalk



Productivity app, helps you track the time you've spent working.

Next.js ChartJS Tailwind Css Typescript



Courier hailing web app, for finding courier services around you!

React Redux Express.js MongoDb Google-Maps-API



Highly addictive web app for training your cognitive ability, with many game modes involving memory retention, arithmetic and logical reasoning.

React Redux

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